Super Affiliate System Reviews [ Shocking 2024 Update]: Is It A Scam?

Hello guys and girls are you looking for the best Super Affiliate System Reviews Then You Are at the right place. In this Super Affiliate System Review I will tell you what Super Affiliate System is? How does Super Affiliate System work? What are the pros and cons of Super Affiliate System? Is Super Affiliate System Scam Or 100% Legit? FAQs And What Is My Final Opinion?

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Super Affiliate System Reviews: What Do Super Affiliate System Do? 

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Pro is an online training course aimed at helping his students achieve financial freedom through affiliate marketing.

Their program is extensive, and requires you to undergo approximately 50 hours of training over six weeks before you can become one of their Super Affiliates.

Although this program is very legitimate and offers success stories, it has some flaws in my opinion, which are typical of any business model.

One of these is that John guarantees success and his methods are infallible. You need to keep in mind that there is no quick way to “success” in affiliate marketing, and it can (and probably will) take you some time to get the results you want.

Sometimes, it may not meet customers’ expectations at all, leading them to conclude that the program is a scam.

Another downside is that it will cost you a lot ($1,000) and may not be suitable for everyone, especially for those who are not willing to spend that much, especially if you are just starting out. , are out of job or due to any other monetary reason. I will explain their pricing and modules in more detail in the following sections.

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Super Affiliate System Reviews: Breakdown of the 6-Week Course

I went over the modules again (6 weeks or 50 hours of training videos) and wrote down what I liked and what I didn’t like.

Note: Instead of “Week #”, I will refer to the course parts as “Modules” in the member area.

A summary of each module is listed below.

John Crestani provides a bird’s eye view of the Super Affiliate System, including how to use a membership site, the beauty of this business model, entrepreneurial mindset tools, psychological barriers, and goal setting. He tries to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Module 1: System Setup

The first module begins with an overview of how to get started with ClickBank, the primary affiliate network used by John Crestani in the course.

After that, you’ll learn how to use Bluehost to set up your website hosting and domain name (or recommended host). Once you’ve got that set up, John will show you how to leverage your pre-built funnel in two different ways (as mentioned earlier):

ClickFunnels Method (with shared Funnels account)
Manual method (which is free but requires you to use your host’s file manager)

The last few videos of this module are about Facebook ad campaigns.

Module 2 – Google Ads Campaign Training

This is my favorite way to pay for traffic: Google Ads. You can set your ads to show when people search for certain keywords on Google, making them more likely to be seen.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Google Search Ads Setup video lesson:

  • How to run a campaign based on keyword searches
  • Targeting by location
  • Device-specific targeting
  • Split-testing ads
  • Then there are Google display ads.

The AdWords Conversion Pixel Setup video was the most redeemed aspect of this module after the Google Search Ads lecture. For ClickBank products, John provides a lesson on how to track conversion activities (check it out to avoid common mistakes).

Conversion monitoring is an important component of paid advertising because it allows you to pinpoint where you should focus your efforts.

Module 3 – YouTube Ads Setup

This lesson walks you through setting up your YouTube ad campaign from start to finish on the Google Ads platform (remember Google owns YouTube).

If you don’t already have a YouTube channel set up for advertising, John will get you started.

Module 4 – Advanced Strategy

This module is a mix of Facebook ads, ad compliance, general affiliate advice, and copywriting taught by Ronnie Sandlin, a Super Affiliate member with whom John has worked (and trained) before.

For those unfamiliar, copywriting means writing with the goal of converting a reader into a lead or customer. As an affiliate marketer, this is an important skill.

The lectures in this module are excellent, but the copywriting videos are a bit short.

This is not a big concern as videos cannot be used to improve copywriting abilities. Practice ad copywriting and landing page copywriting to learn copywriting.

Module 5 – Presale Pages and Scaling

The Presale Page is at the heart of this module, designed to help you enhance your affiliate marketing (you also get presale page templates).

The method presented in this section may cause an “aha” moment for you as you begin to understand how Internet marketers get thousands of individuals to take action all the way to the final sale.

The section on split testing pre-sale pages and other optimization strategies that drive traffic to sales pages was my favorite part of this program.

John demonstrates how to do this using Clickfunnels. He even explains the ClickFunnels tracking ID so you can find out which pre-sale page is responsible for your conversion, which I think is a big plus.

Module 6 – Product Selection

Weeks 1-5 cover various traffic channels with examples of the Biz Op niche, including John’s ClickBank Super Affiliate System training course as an affiliate product.

In this module he tells about other topics and sub-niches that you can go into in this module. Money, health and relationships are the three main markets.

If you’re unsure about which field to pursue, John provides a practical guide to choosing the right field for you.

He also covers other affiliate programs and networks besides ClickBank. As you’ll see, most affiliate networks for intermediate and advanced affiliates are not as simple as Clickbank.

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Membership, Support and Resources

The Super Affiliate System program equips affiliate marketers with more tools and resources to help them succeed. The following are the main content expected on this course:

  • Swipe of affiliate ads
  • Ad network list
  • Ad network list
  • Other resources and legal resources

After completing the Super Affiliate System course John Crestani will provide you with the help you need to succeed. All your questions about the Super Affiliate System will be answered. You will also have access to Super Affiliate System community groups including a private Facebook group.

●    John Crestani’s teaching style is good for people who are new to paid advertising.
●    People don’t have to give their email address when they sign up
●    The author’s traffic skills will be more useful in future marketing
●    Users will get live webinars every week. 
●    There are more than 50 hours of video content, and customer service and chat have been improved. 

●    The price may be too high for some people, some of the promises are not likely to come true, and the system has a lot of affiliate links. 

Real Users Reviews!


John Crestani is a complete mastermind! After a number of months working with John, I was able to quit my job because I had created enough wealth and income for myself.

– Andrew


John has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing. I’m only 19 years old and it has been a struggle to get here, but invest in yourself and you will see the results.

– Quadrell Jones


John shows you the true and legit way to start without spending money on ads. He makes sure you do the research to get things done and sell the products. Another one of my favorite modules was the website building… but he shows it step-by-step, and i ts how I’ve been able to create my first website today, which is what I’m now working on. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing.

– Billy Smith


It’s so easy to understand and you get lot’s of one-on-one attention if you need it.

Thank you John Crestani!

– Tomomi

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How much does the Super Affiliate System cost? 

The Super Affiliate System course is $997.

John Crestani also offers a three-payment option for $397 for a total of $1191.

A new payment option has recently been launched in the form of five payments of $247, totaling $1235.

The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. If you don’t see any results within a month, you will get your money back.

The most exciting aspect of this program is that if you become successful in affiliate marketing, you can get your money back. If you make $10,000 after completing the course, John Crestani promises to return your $997. To get the money, he will ask you to complete several tasks. You’ll also get swipe files, monthly training calls, pre-built sales pages, and free advertising credits as a bonus.

Who should sign up for this program? 

This course is for people who want to become affiliate marketers or use affiliate marketing to make extra money. The Super Affiliate System tells people everything they need to know to make money quickly.

But this program is not good for people who spend a lot of money on a lot of courses but never finish them. This is not for people who want to make a million dollars overnight. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time, work, and dedication.

How Good Is the Super Affiliate System? 

The Super Affiliate System teaches people everything they need to know to get started with affiliate marketing. Still, the method requires a lot of work and dedication. One must complete the six-week program and use the tools and ideas that come with it.


When a person visits a Super Affiliate website for the first time, they notice many reviews and testimonials from people who have made money with this program. Remember that the Super Affiliate System is not a way to make a lot of money quickly. It takes time, dedication and hard work.

For someone who is new to affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System is a great place to start. They’ll have everything they need to get started with over 50 hours of high quality video content. The weekly webinar is the best part of the system as it lets students talk about their progress. John says that even if the price isn’t funny, people will make ten times that amount in a month.

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